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2014 AwardBasictech is offering low cost and Free Business Consultation Services Columbus Ohio

My name is Randy, I am the Author of Basictech Information Services, and owner of Basictech Investment Services.

You can read my qualifications on the about  page.

We offer a free initial consultation to determine if we can increase your bottom line.

We do this through our Business Optimization Services. This increases ROI by turning liabilities into assets.

We believe that if it is not making you money, it is costing you money.

Basictech’s Free Business Consultation Services Columbus Ohio 

Links to reliable sources, and free eBooks.

Here is a list of some of the things Basictech Offers

When in doubt, check me out. Money is not the most important factor in my life. I have discovered that if you make helping others top priority, things just seem to fall into place.

That is why I offer free Business Consultation Services Columbus Ohio 

If you are dishonest and take advantage of others, you will be constantly looking for new victims. If you are honest, then people will keep coming back to you. My reputation is like gold to me. A good reputation can support you for life; a bad reputation can only follow you.

  •  About Basictech free Business Consultation Services, Please note that I am not an attorney, or a financial service agent. I cannot give definitive advise in this area, although I can give you ideas and suggestions. All consideration in these matters is to the sole discretion of the client. It is strongly advised that you check with an attorney or financial adviser before making any legal or financial decisions.

Please email me at; with your questions about rates, and fees.

You will find I am extremely affordable. Initial consultation is free, other services starting at $75.00 for a basic one off service such as a website evaluation.

I often give information away, I have a massive digital library chances are you will get a “take away” from the free initial consultation.

To get your free initial consultation:

Call Randy @ (614) 636-2184

Email: me at, or use the comment form below.

Thank you, and make it a great day!

Basichtech Investment Services

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