IM Basics

New Imbasics logoIM Basics is a blog that I created several years ago. It is the basics of internet marketing, so if you think that is an area that you may want to get into, then I suggest you check out the IM Basics blog.

Internet and affiliate marketing has become one of the largest growing industries over the past few years. I do not want to burst anyone’s bubble, but it has become highly competitive. Then there are the scammers.

Scams have been around for a very long time, and the Internet has opened the door for massive amounts of scams, and fake scam busters. These so called “scam busters” are nothing more than busters. If you know American slang, you know what I mean by that. They would not qualify for crossing guards let alone any type of legal advisor.

I have a YouTube channel and website that exposes some of the Internet scams, but I quickly found that it was hard to keep up with them all. I am a real investigator with a degree in Criminal Justice. My best advice is to do your research, and don’t fall for the fake scam busters, check them out also.

IM Basics explains all the hard work involved with internet marketing and making money online. The blog is free, and there is a lot of free useful information on it Go there today, and see if you really want to take on this venture.

the codex of moneyI also wrote an Ebook, it explains making money online, and offline. I also explain how it is wise to have a combination of both. This ebook is called “The Codex of Money”, There is more information on the Codex of Money Blog



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