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quality content writingHave you ever bought into one of those “quality content writing” services that employs mediocre writers at best, only to find the article you purchased must be edited, or re-written?

If you need good quality articles and posts for your website, then look no further, I have the solution. Hire a professional researcher and writer. Research is key to that great article that Google loves.

A good quality content writing service is a very important part of maintaining your website for search engine optimization (SEO), without having to do it all yourself.

Posting quality content on a regular basis is necessary to keep up with the highly competitive world of marketing, and branding on the internet.

It can be a full-time job, hiring a professional is a must. Quality content must be informational, professional, and search engine optimized in order for good page rank.

Do you have a local brick and mortar business? The internet is the new ‘Yellow Pages’. when someone is searching for a product or service, where do they start? The internet of course, and it is a fact that most people do not go beyond the first or second page of a Google search. That is why you need quality content writing services.

Quality 100% Unique Articles for Your Website for as Low as $19.95

Google loves good quality, 100% unique content. Publishing regularly is a must for good page rankings.

I do all of my own writing, and it is 95-100% unique content. All of my articles are guaranteed to be at least 95% unique. The other 5% may be due to a generic phrase that may have been written in another article or post online.

I will provide you with a link to a free online tool you can use to check the article for unique content.

What you get for $19.95 (500+words)

  • 500 words of 95-100% unique content
  • Search engine optimization according to your specific keywords
  • Fast turn-around (24-48 hrs.)

Please fell free to check out this site, and click on the links to my other sites to read some of my work. Some specific article types may cost a little more, and shorter articles are less.

The minimum is .03 cents per word for orders over 5,000 words (this can be more than one article). Lists will cost more due to the research involved.

This is where the high quality content writing comes in. Please scroll down to read the refund policy (it is simple).

How Basictech Quality Content Writing Services Works

  1. Email me at basictech.pi@gmail.com Please make the subject line “client” and include all contact information.
  2. Describe the type of article you want written, i.e. press release, informational, review, descriptive, or sales copy
  3. Describe the topic, and note any keywords you want used, and the targeted keyword density.
  4. Please be as detailed as possible when describing the type of article, format, and keywords. I will only write per your instruction. I will consult you on any recommendations. Your article will be completed within 48 hours of acceptance.

Details of the refund policy are at the bottom of this page.

Quality Content Writing Pricing

I am keeping this simple at 500-700 words for $19.95. All articles will exceed 500 words by at least 10 words (no fluff).

All payments to Basictech’s content writing services are made securely with PayPal invoicing. A link to retrieve your article will be included in the email. Once payment is made, you will be automatically directed to a download link to your content file.

Refund Policy

Due to scammers and thieves, this policy must be adhered to before I can write any article or issue any refunds.

Name and  Email address, please use the same one for your PayPal account for verification, also should I need to contact you with any questions or concerns.

Your physical address is not required, but please note the city and state you are from. As stated before; all payments are made securely through PayPal. They have awesome customer support.

If you are not satisfied with your article for any reason, I reserve the right to one edit or revision before issuing a refund. Refunds are only issued for viable reasons such the article not written as specified.

All articles are assumed to be copyrighted intellectual property of Randy Baith, at Basictech Information Services until the article has been accepted by the client, and payment has cleared.

Should a refund be granted, whether it is through PayPal or myself, the article then retains intellectual property status of Randy Baith. The article or any portion of that article may not be published in any form via the internet or print.

Contract of Quality Content Writing Services by Basictech constitutes acceptance of the refund policy conditions.

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