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Basictech Investment Services provides low cost Real Estate Services to those looking to buy, sell, and invest in real estate. We have a wide array of options for those who wish to turn liabilities into assets.

Basictech offers guaranteed low interest private loans for real estate investments. We strive to beat all competitor rates with fast service. Contact us today for a free assessment. We will not pull your credit, credit is not a deciding factor.

Basictech Investment Services is not a Real Estate Broker. We provide Real Estate and Private Loan Services to those looking to buy or sell real estate.

Please use the form below to get a free no obligation consultation. Below the form is more information about the Real Estate Services Basictech provides.

Real Estate Services

Below is a list of the low cost Real Estate Services Basictech provides in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas. Below the list are my qualifications.

  • Private money loans for investors
  • Home Inspections: Not only can we inspect your home for potential problems, we can asses the repair costs, and give you options on the most affordable solutions to increase your sale profitability.
  • Home Repairs: We can do repairs to your home saving you money. If we cannot do the repairs, we can recommend someone that can do the job well at a reasonable rate.
  • Research: We can do the research on your property and run comps for you to help you get the most for your property. Do not spend to much on renovations before selling your home. Sometimes you are better off doing little or nothing to your home before the sale.
  • Description Writing: With a formal education in Marketing, Communications, and a member of the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors , Randy Baith can write you a professional description of your property with a “call to action” link.

Marketing: In today’s highly competitive world of Real Estate, having your property listed on the MLS is not enough. We can market your property for more exposure to help you sell faster.

Sell: Basictech has lists of cash buyers that can make you an offer quickly.

Buy: Basictech has lists of wholesalers that have properties for sale if you are looking to buy a new home.

Basictech Investment Services LLP has been a legal entity for 3 years. However, Randy Baith has over 30 years experience in the Home Improvement Industry dealing with Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Agents, Landlords, and Management Companies. I also have a Bachelor of Science in CJ, with Investigations, Psychology, and Marketing.

Call Basictech today for Real Estate Services in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas (614) 636-2184. Return to home page

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