Basictech Investigation Services Columbus Ohio

Basictech Investigation Services Columbus Ohio with Business Consulting and Optimization Services.

Randy Baith has a formal education in Investigations, Communications and Psychology. My free consultations are for information purposes only, and it is advised to preform additional research before making any decisions in the area of concern. Please see more information at the bottom of the page.

Basictech Investigation Services

I am offering cost-effective business consulting and investigation services. The initial consultation is free, just leave your contact information below with a short message, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

I am also into internet marketing and scam busting. If you have a program that you wish to check out before you join, I can investigate it for you.

Please read my resume’ page to learn about my qualifications. Along with the items listed on the about page, I have experience and expertise in many other areas not listed.

For example; I have 4 years of mechanics schooling, but I did not post it because it is a little out of date, and irrelevant.

Many people do not realize it, but Private Investigation has many facets. It is definitely not glamorous. Following cheating spouses around is just one aspect of Private Investigation. It also happens to be the one aspect I do not get involved with. It is extremely dangerous due to the jealously and rage factors involved.

If you have a case where you need to have someone investigated in this nature, I can recommend a professional team to handle it. They are a well-respected International Company that specializes in these sorts of things. They have offices around the world and in all 50 states.

Most of my business consulting and Investigation services work is spent in front of the computer. Research is the key element of investigative work, and it is also my specialty.

I have a massive digital library on just about any topic, everything from applesauce to zebras. Some of my services will include eBooks and links to reliable sources.

How can Basictech Investigation Services Help You? 

  • Skip Tracing, Need to find someone?
  • Background checks. Want to check someone out before you hire them? Why you should not put complete confidence in the BBB, Angie’s List, or background check sites.
  • Scammed? Want to know who scammed you and what to do about it?
  • Been hacked? Want to know who hacked your website?
  • Copyright infringement
  • Plus much more…..

Business Consulting and Investigation Services

Do you have a website or blog? Do you need to have it checked for quality rating and SEO? (I have a lot of resources including links and eBooks so you can learn what to do in the future). I will give them to you with the service.
Proofreading, quality posts and articles are crucial to the success of your website/blog

Want to make money online? Don’t get scammed, most of my information is free.

Need help building a website or blog? Again, most of my info is free.

Finally, when in doubt, check me out, you will find that my business consulting and investigation services is not expensive.

Email: or use the contact form below

Business consulting and investigative services notice; I am not an attorney or a financial service agent. I cannot give definitive advise in this area. All consideration in these matters is to the sole discretion of the client. It is strongly advised that you check with an attorney or financial adviser before making any legal or financial decisions.

Please feel free to contact us on the form below, we will answer you.

On a more personal note:

One of the things I cannot tolerate is a thief. Anyone who is dishonest and takes advantage of people is a thief.

There is more to a theft than stealing money. I would rather give my consulting and investigation services away then let a scammer thief take advantage of good hard-working people.

Money is not the most important factor in my life. I have discovered that if you make helping others top priority, things just seem to fall into place. If you are dishonest and take advantage of others, you will be constantly looking for new victims. If you are honest, then people will keep coming back to you. My reputation is like gold to me. A good reputation can support you for life; a bad reputation can only follow you.

Thieves are pond scum; and speaking of pond scum, isn’t that what most liberals claim we “evolved” from? I am real proud to say that my father and creator is in Heaven reserving my inheritance for me and my brothers and sisters in Christ.

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