5 Tips for Landing Consulting Deals

There are 5 Tips for Landing Consulting Deals that I would like to discuss.

There are several reasons why consultants lose deals that they should have won, I am just going to go over just a few in this article.

  1. Consultants lose contracts because they either didn’t listen, or they didn’t speak effectively.
  2. You must provide value to your services. Consultants need to convey what services they could offer that would help the client reach their goals.
  3. What can you do for that customer? You have about 5 seconds to gain the ear of a potential client when you first interact with them.
  4. What solutions do you have to offer. Coming up with at least one feasible idea on the spot helps build confidence.
  5. Make an offer they cannot refuse. Do not worry about making bank on the first deal.

How to Sell Consulting Services

Every consultant feels that if there is anything that they do well, it’s talking the talk. Effective speaking is more of an art than a science. If you can’t effectively convey how your services are going to help the client, you wont get the contract.

Reflect Before You React

It’s human nature to say the first thing that comes to our mind when we’re asked a question. Take a moment to think of what answer is best for the client. Be prepared for questions in the meeting. I know that’s basic, but one must consider the person they are talking with.

It will show that you put thought into your work and don’t just plow ahead. Your clients will appreciate that. Your best reaction is not always your first reaction.

Keep It Simple Superstar

Just because you know the ins and outs of your business doesn’t mean that your client will. Speak to them on their level, not yours. Keep the conversation simple and get straight to the point.

If your client understands what you can do for them, they are more likely to hire you. If you try and dazzle them with industry speak, you’ll lose them, and lose the contract.

You may find that if you are speaking to a perspective client on the phone, stand up. For many people, standing makes them get straight to the point.

Let the Client Talk

If you want to learn how to best position yourself, find out exactly what the client wants and ask questions to home in on what their needs are. By asking questions, you gain a better understanding of how you can help the client, and the client feels that they are part of the solution. This gives you a chance to reflect on what you can offer your prospective client.

A Little Enthusiasm Goes A Long Way

Your client feels passionate about what they do, and if you show that you are passionate and enthusiastic about providing them the solution they want, you’ll get the client on board. Enthusiasm will open many doors for you.

Lets Get Personal

It takes experience and a watchful eye, however, if you show your client that they are more than just another client, and that you care about their portfolio you will gain trust.

If you treat all clients the same way, you will find your schedule empty of projects. Remember that clients say things for a reason, they know what they want.

A potential client tells you that they cannot talk  because they are getting ready for Bobby’s birthday party, you might do well to show intrest, just remember not to hold them up.

On your follow up call, ask them casually how the party went. By casually asking about the party you are showing concern and pay attention to his/her’s values.

This will also give you a lead into the conversion. Never start talking about the proposal right away unless initiated by the potential client.

Remember that you need to sell to the client’s needs, not your skills. Master this and you will have a long career as a consultant.

Article written by Randy Baith Basictech Information Services.com

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