Is Mold Truly Dangerous?

This is a short sample article I wrote for Content Authority “Is Mold Truly Dangerous?”

MoldMold is a natural living type of fungi that thrives in damp places, it can also be found on surfaces, or in the air we breathe.

Mold grows and reproduces much like any ordinary plant. It is literally everywhere, and is not particularly dangerous to the healthy human body. The antibiotic medicine penicillin that is used for bacterial infection is made from mold.

Mold can be a hazard if a person is exposed to large concentrations for extended periods of time, and is certainly not something you want growing in your house. People with asthma, allergies, or upper respiratory tract complications tend to be a little more sensitive to the presence of mold.

People that have lung disease, or immune deficiency disorder, may be more susceptible to lung infections from mold. Studies have shown that there is possibly a link between mold exposure and the early development of asthma in children.

While mold is not particularly dangerous to healthy adult humans, we must take care not to be overly exposed to these types of fungi. Is mold truly dangerous? the answer would be “no”, unless prolong exposure occurs.

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