What is Emery Cloth?

Emery Cloth picEmery cloth is an abrasive cloth closely related to sandpaper. It is made like sandpaper, but the abrasive cutting minerals are affixed to cloth instead of paper.

The uses for Emery cloth are different than sandpaper. Sandpaper is mainly used for woodworking and dry sanding. The minerals used in sandpaper are not as durable, and cannot stand up the tasks of Emery cloth.

The abrasive material in sandpaper is made from three different minerals often referred to as glass material. These minerals do not have the rigidity or cutting abilities that is found in Emery cloth.

The cutting minerals used in Emery cloth consist of metallic granules that can stand up to the toughest jobs. Emery cloth has many industrial uses and is mostly used for metal, lubricated, and wet sanding. One important thing to note is that Emery cloth is not typically used in woodworking.

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